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CCTV Security Camera System

SECURITY-OSS currently supplies and supports camera surveillance equipment and digital video recording solutions for sites ranging from major industrial properties such as, large hotel establishments, large commercial facilities, and major retail outlets. We also have security solutions for small businesses with one or two camera retail outlets and private homes. Our systems are professionally designed to deter criminal activity with digitally recorded images for forensics and analytical procedures. Read More

Attendance and Access Control System

SECURITY-OSS’s RFID, fingerprint and facial access control readers allow an employee to log in/out, thereby ensuring the employee’s identity and the precise date and time of the transaction with the integration of door lock. The in/out transaction is archived on the reader and sent over a network to our software, which runs on a PC or server. The data from software can then be exported in various spreadsheet formats, or sent to payroll application to be processed for payroll. These readers can report to software from multiple geographic locations (even wirelessly), allowing you to manage employee attendance data to and from a central location. Read More

Burglar alarm system

Monitored smart home alarm systems provide a higher level of security and are fast becoming a standard device to safeguard both homes and businesses. The security is assured by connecting a transmitting device such as a external dialer wireless or a built-in dialer (phone line). GSM smart alarms assure a higher level of security as it utilizes wireless mobile phone SIM card technology which can contact our monitoring centre or as prescribed by the client as soon as any part of the alarm equipment is either tampered with or activated. Read More

Fire Alarm Systems

We deal in a narrow but necessary range of fire safety and protection equipment so you can ensure that you are prepared for a fire or any sort of medical emergency. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a friendly and professional service through our open manner and personal approach to your fire protection requirements. We aim to meet all our deadlines and completion of projects in a timely manner. We have networked our services with other fields within the fire protection industry and in return we are able to offer reasonable prices to enable our prestigious customers to meet their requirements for essential fire safety measures. Read More

PA & Conference System

SECURITY-OSS is an exclusive low cost supplier of audio and video conferencing and teleconferencing hardware in Pakistan. Since opening, we have quickly become the preferred supplier of organizations seeking a high quality, low cost solution to their video conferencing hardware needs. We are technical professionals to help you install and service your video conferencing equipment. Read More

Home & Building Automation Systems

Building automation system is the brains of it all. You can take all your lighting, CCTV, security & fire alarm systems, multimedia & home theater, door entry and exit access control locking devices, heating and ventilation and wrap it up all with a nice easy to use system of elegantly walled touch screen and wireless interface on your laptop, tablet or any smart phone. Read More