PABX Telephone Exchange System Price in Pakistan

PABX Telephone Exchange System Price in Pakistan

When it comes to establish your primary communication system in any business, there is nothing that will generate a more professional, simple system than PBX phones. PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, connects all of the phones within your office space together and allows a wide variety of benefits traditional devices can’t compete with.  Not only can PBX aids to keep your system easy to navigate, but it also enhances customer satisfaction, and cuts cost too. Let’s have a look at other perks PABX system can deliver to your business.

Smoother Communication

Generally, if you call a number within your premises the call would be sent to the PABX before being routed back, this may appear absurd because it is. Not only are individual phone lines challenging to administer, but they are more costly as well. With a PABX system, all calls within the building will be routed internally. This keeps your communication system less expensive and workable.

Command & Control

A PABX phone set means that even if you route your incoming calls through one number the rest of the system is still available. Mostly, a one number scheme means that while the line was busy, no other incoming or outgoing calls could be made. With PABX system this isn’t the case.

Auto Attendant Mode

Having large business means receiving bulk calls, don’t worry; you can employ the PABX auto attendant feature which allows you to establish an auto operator. While these occasionally cause frustration they offer callers the ability to reach an extension to lessen their wait.

Call Routing

Some businesses have their employees’ unavailable and missing calls? The PABX flexible call routing feature makes sure calls are going to the right place no matter where they are. You can easily reroute the device so that if a member is on the go, his calls are forwarded to the next team member available.

Access Levels

Do you have different access levels for different people? A PABX phone system allows you to set up varying grades to each phone. You can interchange between only intra-office calls, office and outgoing local, external and international numbers depending on your requirements.