Metal Detection System

Metal Detectors and Walk through Gate and Baggage Scanners Price in Pakistan

Whether you are securing your premises or treasure hunting for fun, we have your specific equipment. We have a wide range of metal detectors from manufactures worldwide. So if you are looking for a hand held metal detector or a top of the range walk through gate detector in Pakistan, Security-OSS is there for you. We supply many metal detecting devices such as hand held detectors, walk through gates & purpose specific customizable machines such as IED and baggage scanning machines all over Pakistan.

Security-Oss’s hand held Metal detectors in Pakistan are widely used at almost all public places to provide security & safety due to unlawful activities people tend to do at such places. Based upon their application, their effective levels are given. For instance, the detector that is used at schools or colleges its sensitivity is different to the one that is operating at the railway station or an airport. For general commercial entities normally small hand held metal detector are deployed while at airports large baggage X-ray scanners are employed all over Pakistan.