Access and Attendance
Control Systems in Pakistan

Studies indicate that the average company overpays wages by 2-4% annually. Automated time & attendance systems are convenient to use and prevent organizations from overpaying. SECURITY-OSS’s retina, facial, biometric and RFID based time & attendance solution reduces your administrative burden, eliminates lost wages due to time sheet errors or ‘buddy punching’, and allows you to generate real-time reports on employee attendance and job costing. It even exports data to your existing payroll application!

SECURITY-OSS’s RFID, fingerprint and facial access control readers allow an employee to log in/out,  thereby ensuring the employee’s identity and the precise date and time of the transaction with the integration of door lock. The in/out transaction is archived on the reader and sent over a network to our software, which runs on a PC or server. The data from software can then be exported in various spreadsheet formats, or sent to payroll application to be processed for payroll.  These readers can report to software from multiple geographic locations (even wirelessly), allowing you to manage employee attendance data to and from a central location.


Moreover SECURITY-OSS’s biometric access control solution provides intelligent, convenient security for your facilities on a 24/7 basis. Traditional access control systems rely upon what a person has (keys or a card) or what he knows (such as a PIN number). Biometric, facial and retina based access control systems, on the other hand, provide secure authentication by verifying who a person is. Furthermore since such identifications of a person can’t be lost or stolen, concerns over unauthorized access are eliminated. Moreover these access control systems are scalable and can be used to control a single room, or dozens of doors with zoned levels of access and variable times of entry.

Access control systems are appropriate for any organization that needs to control physical access to its facilities. SECURITY-OSS’s access control solution has been successfully deployed in highly sensitive organizations, corporations, and financial institutions all over Pakistan.